• I, Jacqueline Eckford, is one of the fortunate students chosen by Greenwood Dental Surgery to be a p...

    Jacqueline Eckford



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Rarely does an opportunity come along where you can be part of an exciting new industry venture such as the ATS training programme.
We’re currently accepting expressions of interest from experienced and highly motivated dentists who would like to participate and become a franchising partner offering the ATS programme to students at their practice.
This is your opportunity to be involved in the development of the next generation of the best and brightest professional dental assistants.



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Since launching in the United States in 2005 the number of dental practices enquiring about and offering the Assist To Succeed programme has increased significantly.
Dentists and practice managers have experienced first-hand the many benefits of offering this unique training programme at their practice.
With plans already in place to expand the ATS programme nationally, supported by an integrated marketing campaign to attract students, franchise licences are now available in selected areas.




Our goal is to help everyone achieve their goal. Each course we offer one (1) student an ATS Scholarship. This means they can complete the course without having to worry about the fees.
Register your details here below, and our course co-ordinators will send you an application form shortly.



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  • I, Jacqueline Eckford, is one of the fortunate students chosen by Greenwood Dental Surgery to be a part of their pioneer class in Dental Assisting. Without any knowledge in dentistry at all, my mentors, Linda Hunter with the help of Dr Jeff Brown, made me well informed in dental assisting. The theoretical and practical aspects of the fundamentals of the course were systematically presented for better understanding of all the students. It is a privilege to be a part of this course.

    Jacqueline Eckford

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the dental course at greenwood dental. I was surprised at how little I knew about dental anatomy. I came to this course thinking I was going to learn how to sterilize and help out the dentist. I learned so much more than that I now know how important fundamentals are in what I do. I learnt everything from how to brush my own teeth properly to what instruments need to be set out to do each procedure that the Dentist needs to perform. I only wish that they held this course years ago the course was very informative. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

    Brenda Day

  • I found the Greenwood dental assisting course is very interesting, in particular practical. They were all well structured and clearly explained in the syllabus. The textbooks assist to succeed is very useful and it also helped that we had good teachers who knew very well in the subjects. She also encourage us to ask questions and that's help us to understand well in every chapter. I can take what I have learned and apply it to my work and every facet of my dental assisting career. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who are interested in the dental assisting. Thank you for the wonderful and fun experience.

    Danielle Lo